The Brave of Oakhurst

Found the Dragon!
(and boy was she pissed!)

Our heroes returned to the goblin fortified halls and were spotted. The goblins returned this time in full force including the hobgoblin king (Durnn) of the goblins and his hobgoblin bodyguards. They managed to pin them down in a narrow hall and even with the press of all the goblins they stood their ground and were not overrun. It was close though, and their lives were nearly ended. On the hand of Durnn they find one of the Hucrele’s signet rings, foreboding that one of the Hucreles has been captured or slain.

Exploring the surrounding rooms revealed a captive gnome, nearly starved to death named Erky Timbers. Incredibly thankful he offers his assistance to the trio and gives them some information about the secretive leader of the goblins. He is shadowy druid named Belak, keeper of something called the Gulthias Tree.

And then they find Calcryx, the white dragon wyrmling. She immediately attacks and kills Meepo the Kobold, her former keeper, but the others manage to subdue her and bring her back to Yusdrayl for their reward. It was a difficult struggle, but they manage to wrench the silver dragon key out of the mouth of the dragon behind Yusdrayl’s throne.

Now they have returned to the quieter goblin halls to see if any of the remaining adventurers can be freed. Something Durnn had said during the fight led them to believe that the evil druid Belak may have kept them alive. They pause outside a door buzzing with the gutteral voices of dozens of goblins on the other side, deciding what to do next.

Deep Dark Dungeon
The Search for Calcryx

Our heroes take Meepo as their unwilling guide into the goblin controlled territory of the Sunless Citadel. They find much evidence of the old dragon cult, and some indication that persons with booted feet had been through these dusty corridors before.

They are ambushed by dire rats after stumbling into the nest of the enormous dire rat mother. There they find the much eaten body of Karakas the ranger. Further exploration shows that the goblins are well dug in and prepared for attacks. After a series of attacks and retreats by the goblins the three manage to corner and eliminate them all.

They fall back to a secured room to rest and afterward they manage to open a magically sealed crypt, awakening its skeletal guardians. Desi calls upon her holy powers to disintegrate all of the skeletons leaving the small altar with its everburning candle to be explored.

The Adventure Begins
Exploring the Sunless Citadel

Our three heroes meet in the town of Oakhurst and take a job to bring back information on the last whereabouts of the Hucrele family members that have been missing for a month.

They take the Old Road out of town and descend into the ravine that is the entry to the Sunless Citadel. They fight there way through dire rats and traps along with evidence that someone had been there before them.

Surprisingly they deal diplomatically with the kobolds that have set up camp in the ruins. They meet a lone kobold named Meepo that brings them to the kobold leader Yusdrayl and with her they make a bargain to retrieve the kobold’s mascot, a white dragon named Calcryx from the goblins that have stolen him – in exchange for the silver dragon key that the kobold leader possesses.


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