The Brave of Oakhurst

Deep Dark Dungeon

The Search for Calcryx

Our heroes take Meepo as their unwilling guide into the goblin controlled territory of the Sunless Citadel. They find much evidence of the old dragon cult, and some indication that persons with booted feet had been through these dusty corridors before.

They are ambushed by dire rats after stumbling into the nest of the enormous dire rat mother. There they find the much eaten body of Karakas the ranger. Further exploration shows that the goblins are well dug in and prepared for attacks. After a series of attacks and retreats by the goblins the three manage to corner and eliminate them all.

They fall back to a secured room to rest and afterward they manage to open a magically sealed crypt, awakening its skeletal guardians. Desi calls upon her holy powers to disintegrate all of the skeletons leaving the small altar with its everburning candle to be explored.



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