The Brave of Oakhurst

The Adventure Begins

Exploring the Sunless Citadel

Our three heroes meet in the town of Oakhurst and take a job to bring back information on the last whereabouts of the Hucrele family members that have been missing for a month.

They take the Old Road out of town and descend into the ravine that is the entry to the Sunless Citadel. They fight there way through dire rats and traps along with evidence that someone had been there before them.

Surprisingly they deal diplomatically with the kobolds that have set up camp in the ruins. They meet a lone kobold named Meepo that brings them to the kobold leader Yusdrayl and with her they make a bargain to retrieve the kobold’s mascot, a white dragon named Calcryx from the goblins that have stolen him – in exchange for the silver dragon key that the kobold leader possesses.



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